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Meet Tiffany
From Pieces to Peace


In what was considered defiance as a little girl, Tiffany Shoemaker was always willing to take the path least traveled to remain true to herself. After surviving molestation as a child and date rape as a young adult, Tiffany never anticipated that an intimate relationship would lead to psychological manipulation, emotional abuse, and abandonment. This caused her to question her identity, contemplate suicide, and even consider abortion. Completely unfulfilled, those defining moments forced Tiffany to embrace the validity of her voice and the power of her choice. Leading by example, Tiffany is committed to helping others recognize that fulfillment comes when you make the choice to choose yourself!

Tiffany is the single mom of a 7-year old with special abilities.  She emulates her son’s A.U.T.I.S.M., Appreciating Unique Thought In Special Moments of calm, silence, or pure joy.  Her son, Quincy, has taught her how to truly embrace life while encouraging others.  As a wellness strategist, Tiffany uses mindset management and movement through music to empower single women, single survivors of domestic abuse, and other single super moms to redefine their identities.  She coaches these women into recognizing and releasing their mental and physical restraints, teaching them to choose how they show up in life without compromising the integrity of their BEing.  Tiffany commands the stage as a speaker, breathing the fire of life into her audiences.  She leads on the dance floor, using Zumba and Ballroom Dance techniques to infuse physicality into healing.  She takes a more subtle approach on the keyboard as co-author of the First Class Life Anthology and author of her upcoming book, “Gratitude With a Side of Grace: My Huge Hunk of Humble Pie,” which addresses squaring off against and overcoming life’s biggest challenger: oneself.  You can find and connect with Tiffany at

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