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Meet Michele
Never Not Broken


Michele James is a dynamic transformational speaker and life coach. She inspires and motivates her audience to look within for the answers to their most troubling problems. She challenges her clients to find lasting solutions that increase their self-esteem, confidence, and social pressures.

While working at a bar in 2009, Michele was approached by her manager to begin applying all of the makeup for her co-workers. This is when she realized she had a passion for makeup application. From there, Michele became a Certified Makeup Artist and Michele James Artistry was born in 2011. She is internationally certified for bridal, media, and everyday beauty looks. 

Also in 2011, Michele utilized her extensive background in sales to begin a direct sales business. She became a Women’s Wellness Educator where she educates and empowers adult women to live their best lives by reconnecting with themselves, unraveling intimacy blockages and celebrating the practice of self care. To date, Michele has empowered over one thousand women and counting!

Michele is currently studying to become a Certified Yoga Teacher, where she looks forward to expanding her gifts. She aims to aide people in the process of aligning with and healing their mind, body and spirit.

Michele is a graduate of Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences. She currently resides on the south side of Chicago, Illinois. Michele is a lover of plants and gardening because she is intrigued from watching their growth over time. In her free time, Michele loves traveling, a good Do-It-Yourself project, crafting up some culinary deliciousness and learning about new things. Connect with Michele at

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