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Meet Melicca
The Climb Out


Raised by her grandmother in Evansville, IN, Melicca Pollard became a mom at only 14 years old. Before she reached the age of 30, she was a mom of three and had what she thought was the perfect life. She had a career, her kids, her boyfriend, and her own home. Then, what felt like out of nowhere, Melicca’s perfect life was gone. She suddenly found herself in a dark hole of depression with a plan to commit suicide due to the swarm of negative thoughts that had consumed her. Luckily, she eventually found help. 

She was able to learn three main steps that she could swiftly implement to get her life back on track. However, along her journey, she recognized that there were still a lot of women struggling to find their own steps needed to help them climb out of their holes. For this reason, Melicca decided to continue her education by going back to school to pursue a degree in psychology. It also led her to start “Mommy’s Purpose” – an online support group where she uses her experience to plant seeds of encouragement in single moms who are pouring from an empty cup. She knows what it is like to feel alone in a crowd, and she has made it her mission to help single moms everywhere. You can find her group Mommy’s Purpose at

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