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Larrie Jo’s unique story of overcoming began after the death of her stillborn daughter. This traumatic experience provided her with the gift of floral design. On the day of her daughter’s funeral, she recounts hearing an audible promise from God. This promise was the first step into her destiny as a well respected and highly sought floral designer. After her daughter’s death, “The Gift Studio” was born.

With more than 22 years of experience, Larrie Jo is the CEO of “The Gift Studio”. Her floral design company is now contracted by the same company that she was an employee of for 21 years. As a one-of-a-kind designer, she has mastered the art of floral design by paying close attention to detail to stand out from the rest. Her designs are locally and national displayed as she has been hired by doctors, lawyers, dentists, and celebrities. 

Larrie Jo enjoys baking and has aspirations to one day begin teaching the art of floral design to others. Through her ministry Aliyah’s Wings, Larrie Jo’s mission is to give a message of hope to those that have suffered the loss of a child through a stillborn or a miscarriage. Having created a family of her own, she wants to help provide healing for their hurt. Larrie Jo Hatcher is the wife of Matthew Hatcher, mother of six children, and the grandmother of 11 grandchildren. Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook at @LarrieHatcher.

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