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Meet Jennifer
I Deserve (The Best)


Jennifer Pinson is a Music Therapist-Board Certified and the founder of Dynamic Music Services, where she leads a team of music therapists.   She is a leader in her profession speaking often for various associations.  Jennifer speaks on business, parenting, and music therapy related topics.  She also is an advocate for music therapy services that enhances the lives of many individuals.  She continues to be a practicing clinician providing music therapy services to clients in the Indianapolis, IN area. When she is not working, you can often find Jennifer spending time with her two young children.  

Despite soaring in her career, Jennifer was drowning at home.  After living in relationship ambivalence for years, Jennifer made the tough decision to love herself.  This resulted in a tumultuous divorce.  Jennifer quickly learned to be a single career-driven mom.  Once she began healing her emotional wounds, Jennifer became a catalyst to help others follow their dreams and be intentional with self-love and respect.  

Jennifer is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur.  She uses her life experiences to support other women in career and parenting.  She helps them find balance and harmony in their lives.  When working with Jennifer, she supports women to focus on what is the most important for them and helps them achieve their goals.  As a volunteer, employer, mom and more, she will help you find your path within your career and life.  Her passion for working with working moms led to the creation of her business and subsequent podcast of the same name, Career Driven Mom, LLC. Connect with her at

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